Latest News from St Mary’s Boyup Brook


Week 6 - Friday March 10th

Welcome to the week six newsletter. We are well into the term at this stage and so far we have been very lucky: no major disruptions or chaotic event: this year we are praying for an uninterrupted year at school!

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Swimming Contests

Firstly, congratulations to all students who participated in our Faction Swimming Carnival a few weeks back and of course it goes without saying well done to Iona who won the shield for the first time in a very long time!

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Teaching and Learning Update

Next week our students in year three and year five will sit NAPLAN. There are four assessments beginning with Writing on Wednesday, Reading and Conventions of Language on Thursday and Numeracy on Friday. The test is a term earlier this year as NAPLAN moves to term one in order to be able to provide schools with results data sooner. It is only one assessment and is certainly not our primary source of data in terms of student progress.

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Important Dates

Nothing from 19 March to 02 April.

Growing Through Christ

It is a pleasure to welcome you to St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School. St Mary’s is a dynamic, nurturing and vibrant learning co-educational Primary School catering for 72 students from K-6.

The school was founded in 1957 and staffed by the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary until 1990. The School motto ‘Growing Through Christ’ describes the endeavour to lead students through an integration of faith, life and learning.

St Mary’s Catholic School is highly regarded within Boyup Brook and the surrounding district due to dedicated staff, a supportive Parish and an extremely supportive, active parent community. Together, all this helps to create a vibrant, family centred school, which focuses on a commitment to excellence.

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