Student Support at St Mary’s

We are very fortunate in 2020 to have a School Chaplaincy Worker to help our students with any social-emotional issues they may have. This year we also have Mrs. Hester and Mrs. Nield working as support teachers helping any students that need academic support or extension.

Chaplaincy worker:

Last year our school received funding to employ a Chaplaincy worker for 3 years. This is a true blessing for our school as Mrs. Cook has been able to take this role on. Mrs Cook knows the children very well having worked here for 8 years and will meet with students/groups of students on a needs basis and give them support and strategies to help them along.

Support teachers:

Mrs. Nield and Mrs. Hester are working together this year to support our students in their academic growth. We have a wide range of abilities at our school and different students learn and develop differently. Differentiation in the classroom is very evident in our school with some students working in different year levels for different subjects. When students need specific one on one assistance if they are not progressing at the expected level Mrs. Hester and Mrs. Nield will work with them in developing their Literacy and Numeracy skills. Mrs. Nield will work Thursday and Mrs. Hester will work Monday and Tuesday.

Behaviour engagement and education:

We have updated our existing behaviour ‘management’ plan to incorporate a more educative approach towards dealing with issues. We are very fortunate at our school to have students that consistently display respectful, exemplary behaviour and we want to ensure that we recognize and acknowledge this. We also want to ensure that we educate our students about bullying, what it is, the different forms of bullying (physical, emotional, cyber etc), what to do if you are a victim or bystander and who you can talk to if a bullying situation arises. We also want to give our students the opportunity to learn from mistakes and grow as they progress through our school. We have a system in class where students can monitor their own behaviour and become more self-aware and we are incorporating some restorative practices to solve social issues that may occur. Students are given a voice and an opportunity to express themselves when situations arise and we contact parents if we feel the situation merits this (oftentimes it does not). We also work with our Chaplaincy worker to ensure that students who may be struggling in the playground are given the opportunity to develop socially. Our full behaviour management plan can be accessed HERE.