Our Classes

At St. Mary’s we strive to provide our students with a high quality education at their level. We are also very fortunate to provide excellent and engaging specialist subjects for our students in the areas of Science, French, Music/Drama, Art and Sport. Our class structure for 2022 is listed below:

Mainstream class structures:

  • Kindy / Pre Primary: Mrs Jane Wheeler
  • Year 1/2: Mrs Margaret Evans
  • Year 3/4: Mrs Barbara Marsh
  • Year 5/6: Mr Michael Chambers and Mrs Sharon Neild

Specialist subjects:

  • Monday: Science with Mrs Miki Glisenti
  • Tuesday: Technology with Mr Scott Tweedie
  • Wednesday: French with Mrs Miki Glisenti
  • Thursday: Sport with Mr Scott Tweedie
  • Friday: Art with Mrs Michelle Lloyd

Learning Support

  • Monday and Tuesday: Mrs Gemma Hester
  • Thursday: Mrs Sharon Neild