Our Classes

At St. Mary’s our class structure is oftentimes dictated by the number of students’ in each year level (as is the case in most country schools). The school strives to ensure that regardless of class structure we are able to provide our students with a high quality education at their level. We are also very fortunate to provide excellent and engaging specialist subjects for our students in the areas of Science, French, Music/Drama, Art and Sport. Our class structure for 2020 is listed below:

Mainstream class structures:

  • Kindy / Pre Primary: Mrs Jane Wheeler
  • PP/Year 1 (non kindy days): Mrs Carolyn Harvey
  • Year 2/3 (with Year 1’s on non-kindy days): Mrs Margaret Evans
  • Year 4: Mrs Barbara Marsh
  • Year 5/6: Mrs Nicole Reilly and Mr Scott Tweedie

Specialist subjects:

  • Monday: Science with Mr Tweedie
  • Tuesday: Music with Mrs Gear
  • Wednesday: French with Madame Reilly
  • Thursday: Sport with Mr Tweedie
  • Friday: Art with Mrs Wheeler(Semester 1) or Mrs Harvey (Semester 2)