Community Partnerships

As a vibrant school in a wonderful rural town we are always looking at ways in which we can engage with our local community. Over the years we have developed many worthwhile partnerships with local groups and we hope that we can continue to do so. Below are some of the groups we work with to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

St Mary’s Parish:

We work with our parish closely on many different levels including organising and co-ordinating events for the school and for the church. We are fortunate to have a supportive parish priest and parish pastoral council and we hope we can continue to work together for the greater good of St. Mary’s school and parish community.

Rylington Park:

Rylington Park is a local agricultural research facility located on the outskirts of Boyup Brook. Our school received a very generous donation of $2000 from Rylington Park in 2019 and this money is being put towards renewing our playground equipment for our students. We hope to work closely with Rylington Park into the future and we thank their board for their generosity and support.

Boyup Brook Co-Op:

The local co-op have been very supportive of our school garden. We have received donations of seeds to plant for the 2019 planting season and we look forward to these blooming later in the year.

Boyup Brook Playgroup:

The town of Boyup Brook has a very vibrant playgroup that takes place on a Monday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The playgroup is run by local parents and we are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the playgroup to run some activities as well as host the playgroup at our school. We look forward to this partnership to continue into the future.

Collie Community Bank (Bendigo Bank):

We have been working with the Collie Branch of Bendigo Bank over the past number of months to work out a mutually beneficial agreement where our school can benefit from the local bank in our community and we can benefit from their presence in Boyup Brook. We thank Collie Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) for their support of our school.


Scitech is Perth’s premier scientific exploration venue for kids. As we are a regional town we do not always have access to the many activities that urban students do. Scitech have supported us through enabling us to rent STEM resources relatively cheaply. So far we have rented Science Kits and Robotics kits and these have enhanced the learning already taking place in our school in these areas.