School Advisory Council

St Mary’s Catholic School is under the financial management of the School Advisory Council, a representative body elected from the school community and accountable to the Bishop of Bunbury and the Catholic Education Commission of WA.

The School Advisory Council is responsible for the financial administration of the school and to advise the Principal with respect to school policy that has financial implications. The School Advisory Council is comprised of the Principal and Parish Priest and elected persons from the school community, one person nominated by the Parents and Friends Association and one Parish representative.  When a position becomes vacant nominations are called for from the school community and members are elected at the November Annual General Meeting. All parents and interested community members are welcome to attend this meeting and you are encouraged to consider serving on the School Advisory Council as a way of supporting the school.  At the AGM in November the School Board presents a report and elections of members for vacant positions takes place.

Our School Advisory Council operates within the guidelines set out in the Catholic School Board Constitution which you can read HERE.

Our current members are: 


  • Chairperson: Janis Beadle
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Fleur Mead
  • Parish Priest: Fr Roshan Fernando
  • Principal: Phillip Rossiter
  • P&F representative: Therese Lloyd
  • Other Elected Members: Nigel Sprigg, Clint Graham,  Michael Lloyd, Janine Henderson